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It’s the Insurance Company vs. You

Last updated on September 27, 2022

When you’re hurt after an automobile accident, one of the first people you may speak to is an insurance adjuster. The reason this happens so fast, is because they want to either deny fault or settle as soon as possible for as little as possible. They know that the sooner you settle, the quicker they are off the hook for your present and probable future injuries.

At Green Legal, P.C., attorney Bret C. Green understands this strategy and immediately begins to prepare your case to counter their true motive, which is to cut you short of what you deserve. Insurance companies are powerful and well-funded. Their adjusters are trained to settle in their best interest and often, their job performance is based upon their ability to do just that. Don’t handle the battle on your own. When the insurance companies begin to sing, You “Better Ring Green!”

At Green Legal, P.C., attorney Bret Green is that kind of attorney. He gets to know his clients as people and builds a rapport with them. He learns who they are and offers friendly, compassionate service. And then he unrelentingly pursues the compensation they deserve.

A Highly Respected Standard Of Service

For over 20 years, Bret C. Green has built a respected reputation across San Antonio for his personal injury service. He’s aggressive and extremely hard-working. He works tirelessly to build a case that can secure the compensation that you deserve, whether you have been in a:

  • Car crash;
  • Truck crash;
  • Motorcycle accident;
  • Pedestrian crash; or,
  • Bicycle accident

No matter the type of accident or the resulting injuries, Bret C. Green can help you.  Vehicle accidents  – especially in instances of a loss of life – are always difficult for the victims and their families. Attorney Bret Green has the experience to handle even the most complicated, catastrophic injury cases. Get the help you need and deserve. Hire a lawyer who not only has the experience, but who is also compassionate and trustworthy. Hire Green Legal, P.C.

Green Legal, P.C. Is The Answer

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