Busted, Arrested or Charged… You “Better Ring Green”

If you are in trouble with the law, know that time is of the essence. The Government has a team of professionals paid to prosecute and convict you of the charges assessed against you. Bret C. Green has the skills and experience, understands the  justice system and has the grit to go the distance fighting for your freedom. And have no doubt, your freedom is at stake. When you are in need, you “Better Ring Green.”

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Fighting For Clients Like No One Else

For over 20 years, the legal team at Green Legal, P.C., has helped hundreds of great Americans overcome difficult life changing obstacles. If one thing is certain, bad things happen to good people all the time. So, if you ever find yourself…

  • Fighting against the LAW
  • Fighting for your FREEDOM
  • Fighting for your CHILDREN
  • Fighting in a DIVORCE
  • Fighting to PLAN or HONOR the wishes of you or those that have passed away
  • Fighting over a CONTRACT or a BUSINESS DISPUTE
  • Fighting for RECOVERY from an auto/18 wheeler crash… or just
  • Fighting for what is RIGHT
  • Simply put, YOU…


Call us today and let us fight for you!

Always Going The Distance To Win

Advanced Attitude + Advanced Work Ethic = Advanced Results

Bret Green has the right attitude and work ethic to obtain the results you need. There are very few shortcuts in life. Knowing that you are going to win and knowing that you will need to work your tail off to get there, is just part of the equation. Bret C. Green’s background and experience has given him the belief, drive and grit that few people possess. When other attorneys go through the motions preparing their cases, Bret C. Green treats each case as unique challenge, tailored specifically towards each client. It is within this philosophy where legal strategies emerge that provide leverage and a defense for ultimate victory. When you are represented by Bret C. Green, you are getting a fighter on your side who will zealously represent you and advocate for you in court. When you “Ring Green,” you are getting the real deal… an honest, relatable and hardworking attorney who will go the distance and beyond for his clients.


Standing Apart From His Peers

Nobody Works Harder, “Better Ring Green” Today!