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The Reason To Ring Green

The law is important, complicated and challenging. Too often, though, attorneys lose sight of what’s most important: Their clients and WINNING!. When you have a legal problem, you want an attorney who will take care of you, treat you like you deserve to be treated, and relentlessly pursue your goals.

Bret Green is that kind of an attorney. His perseverance, goal-oriented mindset and ability to persuade and negotiate deals in his client’s favor, are his greatest assets. He works hard, period! He believes that creative outside the box intense preparation is often the difference maker. Bret Green wants to win and will do what it takes to get that result for you. Learn more about how the staff of Green Legal, P.C., stands out by reading their bio below:

Photo of legal assistant Cindy Green

Cindy Green – Legal Assistant

The Dedication To Work Hard At Green Legal, P.C.

For over 20 years, attorney Bret Green has worked hard for clients throughout Texas, but most notably in San Antonio and the surrounding cities. Over these last two decades, it has been proven time and again that his dedication to understanding his clients, putting in the necessary work, and beginning the negotiating process with opposing counsel or the State of Texas has made a tremendous impact for his clients.

His philosophy is that if you are going to do something, do it to win. And winning requires the use of all your skills, talents, and abilities towards one specific and focused goal. When you do that, you immediately place yourself in an advantage. And when you are at an advantage, winning becomes easier and sometimes almost inevitable.

Fighting For Everyday People

Bad things happen to good people all the time. Also, good people make bad decisions at times too. Every person has struggles in life, that’s why Attorney Bret Green will not judge you, belittle you, or make you feel less than. He knows that is not what you need in a lawyer. He understands that you need a lawyer that will help you fight through your struggles, correct any mistakes that you may be dealing with and get you on a road of prosperity and success. He understands that legal issue often cloud that road and make it difficult. That underlying desire to help you in life, separates him from the pack. Attorney Green has been there. Attorney Green worked his way through undergraduate school and law school. He has washed dishes, waited tables, worked construction, painted curbs, delivered food and started numerous businesses to make ends meet. He knows the razor-thin edge that most people live upon. He knows life is not easy and He sincerely wants to help you. He spends his time and energy to securing legal solutions for people facing difficult situations including business conflicts, family law matters, criminal charges or motor vehicle accident lawsuits.

Additionally, because he knows how valuable his clients’ time is, he provides insight and representation in probate and estate matters. With him on your side, you can trust that someone with experience and skill will be working on your legal issue. But more importantly, you will know that he actually cares about who you are and what you are dealing with.

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The team at Green Legal, P.C. is standing by to help you today. Call at 210-475-3604 or use the contact form to schedule your free consultation with Bret. It’s easy to remember, if you have legal issues and/or troubles, you “Better Ring Green.”