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Defending Your Rights

Last updated on September 27, 2022

You cannot wait  when you’re facing a criminal charge. The stakes are high. Your rights need to be protected. Your Freedom is on the line.

At , attorney Green uses the lessons learned over 20 years of experience and dedication to take on any such criminal charge you face, including:

  • DUI charges: Including first and multiple offenses, driving with an open container, misdemeanor and felony DUI, loss of license due to DUI offenses.
  • Drug violations: Including possession of a controlled substance such as marijuana, cocaine, meth and heroin. Possession of prescription drugs that don’t belong to you, drug trafficking, illegal sales of drugs, felony drug possession or drug trafficking violations.
  • Sex offenses: Including rape, sexual assault and indecent exposure.

He’s protected the rights of people from all races, backgrounds and income levels. He is ready to take charge of your case and take a stand against the government.

Drug Crimes…Not Always As They Seem!

Drug crimes are taken are very serious in the State of Texas. The state sees any involvement in drugs as one of the most serious threats to the community. Drug crimes are often taken out of context and blown up to send a message to the community that the State is protecting them. Therefore, they will pursue you zealously without compromise.

Bret C. Green understands that not all drug crimes are the same.  He understands there are often other issues that have led to drug possession charges. His hard work, dedication and experience in the drug recovery field, make him the perfect attorney to attack the State’s case and if necessary, negotiate a favorable outcome for you. The combination of Bret’s skills and experience will often make the difference in your case. Its important to know that although most cases result in a plea deal, Bret C. Green  prepares each case to go the distance. His strength, confidence and respected understanding of the law, in combination with his ability to read and influence people, make for an impressive defense and persuasive impression upon a jury.

Bret C. Green has been an advocate for his clients facing drug charges for over 20 years. His unique experience and involvement in the alcohol and drug treatment community and associated programs, gives him a superior advantage over other lawyers. Often those facing drug charges are victims of drugs themselves. This knowledge allows him to fight harder for treatment programs and alternative sentencing in the resolution of his cases.

Confidentiality And Dedication In Defense Of Sex Crimes

An accusation of a sex crime can potentially turn your life upside down quickly and permanently. With stakes as high as they are, your rights become even more important. Without aggressive, comprehensive defense, you stand to lose more than just your freedom.

As your lawyer, Bret Green pursues your case with the utmost attention to you and what you need from your defense. His confidential, unrelenting service makes a difference for his clients at every step.

“Better Ring Green” When You’re Facing Criminal Charges

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